Bail forfeiture is remitted

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It is well-established "the decision to allow or deny a remission of bail forfeiture lies within the sound discretion of the trial court. 14 of this code.

If, by reason of the neglect of the defendant to appear, money deposited instead of bail is forfeited, and the forfeiture is not discharged or remitted, the clerk with whom it is deposited must, at the end of 180 days, unless the court has before that time discharged the forfeiture, pay over the money deposited to the county treasurer.

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Under some circumstances, if a bond has been forfeited, it may be “remitted” or reinstated so that, in part or in whole, the indemnitor hasn’t lost the collateral.

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046 (1).

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(A) A person charged with a noncapital offense triable in either the magistrates, county or circuit court, shall, at his appearance before any of such courts, be.

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As used in this chapter: "Bail" means the pretrial release of a person from custody upon those terms and conditions specified by order of an appropriate judicial officer.

Learn about bond forfeiture warrants and bond forfeiture.

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The court must declare the bail forfeited if a condition of the bond is breached.

If the defendant surrenders or is apprehended within 1 year after forfeiture, the court, on motion at a hearing upon notice having been given to the clerk of the circuit court and the state attorney as required in subsection (8),.

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A violation of the release terms may result in bail forfeiture or a new criminal offense.

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fc-falcon">Bail Bonds Overview.

(1) A bail authority, in his or her discretion, may exonerate a surety who deposits cash in the amount of any forfeiture ordered or who surrenders the defendant in a timely manner.

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1999 Ohio House Bill No.

Forfeiture of Bail.

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1 of the Penal Code shall be made on the Declaration re: Felonious Source of Bail form.

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It could also mean selling the defendant’s collateral in order to make up that lost money.

A bail bond is a guarantee by a third-party that a defendant in a court action will appear to all of their criminal court proceedings.

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(a) A court shall in open court declare forfeited the undertaking of bail or the money or property deposited as bail if, without sufficient excuse, a.

Article 1.

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(1) Declaration.


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Section 903.

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Press release.


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A bail forfeiture occurs when the bail in involuntarily (by court order) or.

, 367 S.

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To forfeit means that something is lost or surrendered as a penalty, possibly by way of a monetary fine.


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(2) When the conditions of the bail bond have been satisfied, or the forfeiture has been set aside or remitted, the bail authority shall exonerate the obligors and release any bail.